Complete solutions for the production of footwear's components: heels, wedges, platò, heel tips, stiletto heels. Automatic system ready to go.

Footwear's machine is constituted by 4 models with horizontal and vertical mold closure version.

All machines are optimized based on the characteristics of the items to be molded. Each model has the more advanced technology solutions using inverter, save energy dervo pumps and others devices.

High performance machines, easy to manage, that ensure high quality production with high efficiency.

Vertical injection machines VET series are designed and built for injecting heels, wedges, leather cover heels and wedges.

Horizontal injection machines designed and built for automatic molding of the heels, wedges and accessories for footwear or technical items with similar size.

Vertical injection machine for production of mono or bi-density heels with or without automatic insert of tips for stiletto heels.

Horizontal injection machine designed and built for the molding of bi-material or bi-component items.