Horizontal injection machine designed and built for the molding of bi-material or bi-component items.

The rotary table allows to obtain at each cycle machine the final product. The rotary table is hydraulically controlled (on request can be performed with electric servo-electric command) and allows to perform a rotation of 180° in less than a second. The rotary table has a series of water cooling circuit (on request can be built more circuits also including hydraulic circuits for the control of additional extractors).

The horizontal hydraulic clamping unit with two planes guarantees a fast and precise mold closure.

The machine can be integrated with robots for the realization of pieces with transfert technology and manipulator for the recovery of sprues.

Double hydraulic extractors for the extraction of the sprue from the other side, stroke controlled by proximity sensors.

The injection units are independent and it has a simultaneous injections adjustments.

The injection units slide on linear guides with ball sliding blocks. The two injection units are completely independent among them, with the possibility of using two single material molds. The clamps are 90 and 120 ton and on request can be built versions with higher tonnages.

The machine can be configured with:

• manipulator to grab, separate and recovery of sprues;

• light curtain in the operator side to facilitate the insertion of inserts;

• mold-holder for heel tips with metal insert with insert block system;

• mold-holder for heels and wedges to pair with separate injections;

• feeder for plastic granules;

·  rotary table with servo-electric command.

One machine’s peculiarity is the reduced dimensions: only 3 square meters.

The maximum size of the mold is 200x250 mm. On request you can also be used round molds.

The protection guarantees the maximum operator safety, the gates have high fluidity of movement and the use of transparent panels allow excellent vision of all machine’s components.

The ORI-Bimat presses have all the characteristics of flexibility and adaptability to customer specifications.