Vertical injection machines VET series are designed and built for injecting heels, wedges, leather cover heels and wedges.

The vertical clamping unit guarantees always real mold closure. Standard clamping force are 30 - 50 - 65 ton, but on request we can build models with 80 - 100 -120 ton of clamping force.

Clamping force moves from top to bottom and mold translates out of columns to allow insertion of inserts.

VET machines are modular, integrable, flexible and adaptable to customer specifications.

Machines can be equipped by one or two injection units:

  • vertical injection;
  • horizontal injection;
  • 2 vertical injections;
  • 1 vertical injection and 1 horizontal injection.

Vertical and horizontal injection units can be equipped with injection heads with one or two nozzles.

Footwear machines are configured with two nozzle injection heads and two mold holders with two figures (the adjustable hole diameters are 127-135-140 mm) to molding heels and leather injection wedges.

The injection screw have 36-42 mm, with 250 mm of stroke.

The standard version of this machine has screw with diameter Ø42 mm, head with two nozzles with center to center distance of 150 mm, mold holder with two holw diemeter Ø127 mm.

Compared to a rotating machine for injected leather, this machine has several advantages:

  • high productivity for every single mold;
  • possibility of manage up to 3 - 4 machines with one operator. Machines can be positioned parallel or frontally each other;
  • high reduction of mold change's time;
  • manufactoring with different colors and materials;
  • low incidence of production when machine is stopped for color or mold change.

The VET 50 Duo version consists of a double machine with indipendent constrols and movements: it's suitable for production with insertion of manual inserts for items with long average cooling time. A single operator loads the inserts on one side of the machine while on the other side take place the molding. This machine is ideal for the production of heels and leather injection wedges.