Vertical injection machine for production of mono or bi-density heels with or without automatic insert of tips for stiletto heels.

The oarticularity of this machine is the presence of a roto - sliding mold. This system enables to obtain the finished product at each machine's cycle and to facilitate the manual or automatic loading of inserts by sliding off the machine's columns.

One of peculiarities of the machine is the complete automatic division of the two sprues and the molded items.

The machine is configured with two indipendent injection units, with possibility of using two monomaterial molds.

Others characteristics are simplicity in mold's construction, save energy by using the ECOSYSTEM, precise and fast movements allow to optimize production and reduce costs.

The automatic charger can insert 10 tips in less than 3 seconds. The machine allows the production of 500-600 pairs per hour of bidensity heel tips.

The VET 65 Bimat full optional version has these chatacteristics:

  • Possibility to work with one or two monomateria molds with or without insertion of inserts;
  • Automatic charger of inserts with integrated vision system to verify the insert's positioning to automatic molding of bi-density heels for stiletto heels.

CA PRESSE SRL has also developed the ORI 90 Bimat and ORI 120 Bimat, two horizontal machines optimized for the automatic production of bi-density heels.